What's wrong with this picture?

by - 5.2.08

nur der Fußgängerweg

Taken today near our home

Technicality of the photo composition aside, can you tell what is that important something that is missing in this photo?

Let's see who will guess it right. ;-D

Please click here for a larger version.

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  1. white stripes at the street in the midle?

  2. Dang, I can't play because your pictures display a bit too small on my hi-res screen (I see the photo, but many of the details are too small).

    Anyway, you were asking about that ridiculous red bow "adorning" (sigh) the castle. I think that was part of the holiday decor (I took the photo in early

    (Would it be possible for you to set your Fllickr account to link to a larger size pic?)

  3. Hi Fenix, and I thought I had it optimized for larger screens...sorry. Wait...I'll put a link for a bigger one. Thanks for pointing out the size!

    Thought the ribbon has something to do with aids/cancer day and others...

  4. Hi
    The white lines are painted in the wrong direction, they should be in the direction of the pedestrian crossing the street.

  5. Haha. Yes Janet... At first I thought every pedestrian lane has the 'stop and go' signal--

    But when I visited Fenix's Boston DP. I saw that his entry for Februray 2 is also a pedestrian lane but it is a short distance to the other side so there was no signal....=)

    Thanks everyone...was a little unclear on that!

  6. Er... Um... I'm a... girl! :)

    Maybe I should note that on my profile... (most people think I'm a guy).


  7. I forgot to thank you for adding that link to a larger size. Lovely. :)

  8. Ooopss, Sorry Fènix...I dont know why I though of you as a guy...sorry really...

    Thanks for dropping by again...

  9. These days in the UK most "zebra crossings" have traffic-lights too but not all.

    Whilst that was indeed one of the things I thought of as being missing, there's a couple of others.

    warning cones around the men in the roadworks outside the WC

    a shelter for the people waiting miserably in the cold for the tram.

  10. They were fixing the stop-go signal posts that day Gerald...The pole is visible with a man inside a digging hole-

    The yellow tucks were parked at the bus stop, must be the reason why they put the cones there...great eyes you got!

    There is a waiting shed that was not caught in the photo =D twas a little farther...good point!