Friends by the Lake

by - 2.2.08

friends by the lake

28 May 2007

Still on the subject of the Danube for 'what people think when they think of my city,' there are two sides of the lake where the other served as a diversion for floodwaters which is called the Neue Donau (New Danube). The lake has been a good place also for swimming during Summer and for picnics when the weather is good. This photo was taken by the lakeside. The one wearing black and white is my daughter and the other, her friend.

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  1. Such a lovely shot of the two girls. Friends, indeed.

  2. Don't they seem to be two older people talking about life? = D Probably just talking about how to convince their moms to let them swim. hihi. Good day to you and thanks!

  3. Such a sweet photo. Don't you just love friendships between young girls?

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  4. Yeah Joy, they're so cute to look at! Good day to you!