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busy bee

26 August 2007

Taking a break from the usual views of the city...I am posting the little unnoticeable dwellers here. People are not the only busy creatures around...bees as well. It managed to collect a few pollen already, look at its legs...

I wonder if we could give this bee a name...any suggestions?


Dear Fenix and Janet, the kids chose Toto as the bee's name! =D Thanks for suggesting...Let's do naming again some other insects and I'd be giving away small stuff too! ;-)

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  1. So this is a guy, right? :) Then, I submit "Toto" :)

    I don't have a Flickr account, that's why I'm asking: would it be possible to set Flickr to directly link to a large image?


  2. A great macro shot of a busy bee.

  3. I love your photo today. I used to be a beekeeper and love these creatures.


    Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

  4. Hi Fenix, Toto is a good name! I'll drop you a comment and tell you about Flickr...

  5. Thanks gordon, still looking for a handsome name =)

  6. Hi Pat! Must be a thrilling experience to be with bees. Glad you liked it! Thanks!

  7. Okay, I'm being silly, but how about Bartholomew von Schlepmeister? No? Too pretentious?

    How about just plain old Bart the Bee?

  8. Wow! Fantastic shot. I can see the hairs on that bee.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Bisita ka ulit. Or if you get the chance, punta ka naman sa iba ko pang blogs. :-)

    A Pinay In England
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  9. Haha Janet...Bart is ok not too long to spell out...Let's see what my kids will choose. I'd pick them up from school and kindergarten then I'll post his name later! =)

  10. Thanks Joy, I really like macrography kasi. I will look up your other blogs later ha. Ingat! ;-)

  11. "About flickr, I am only getting the HTML code there."

    Yes, that's why I mentioned about settings, meaning if in your options/settings you could set it up to link directly to large size.

    "If you notice above the flickr photo page there's an 'all sizes' button."

    I took this screen shot so you can see that the all sizes button is not there. It might appear on your screen because you are logged on/have an account with them. I would say that perhaps that's also something that must be set up in Flickrs options/settings because:

    A few of the blogs I visit use Flickr. Some of them link directly to a large photo (which is greatly appreciated by visitors - it really is a pain having to click through three pages to enlarge a photo), some will have the "all sizes" button and yet others will have no button displaying, as it seems to be the case here.

    A lovely day to you too. :)

  12. THanks Kunal! Miss taking photos of them since its winter yet...

  13. Here all bees are called Maia:

  14. =D Yes uma por dia, Biene Maja/Maia is a german honey bee. Thanks!

  15. Let's call the bee bee-tter :)

  16. Bee-tter, not bitter. BETTER. To remind us that we must be better everyday. :)