Sausage galore!

by - 8.2.08


Here are some of the sausages you will find in a grocery. At the bottom rack from right to left, Burenwurst, Debreziner, Knacker and Frankfurters. Notice that each is distinguished by their sizes and colors.

On the middle rack are whole hams; Jausenwurst, Krakauer, Pikantwurst, Extra, and Wiener. They are distinguished by their color casings (synthetic). And lastly on the top rack, are the cuts from the whole hams, in case one is in a hurry to eat. =)

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  1. Great looking display of sausages and cold cuts. Tuesday night I made a Bavarian dinner (sausage, potatoes, etc.), one of my favorite things to eat. :)

    Your photos enlarge beautifully and so easily now. Great! :)

  2. Hi Fenix! Thanks and also for pointing the photo size before, I guess bigger fotos are better.

    I need to learn more about cooking sausages as I eat them plain and boring...Thanks again!

  3. I love sausages. Your picture only serves to remind me that I need to go buy some. None left in my fridge.

  4. Lol..Glad to help Edwin! I need to buy some cold cuts myself...and learn more dishes that go well with sausages. TC!

  5. i guess what the germans have with sausages, we have with cheeses :)

  6. yes Ineke...and I love cheese. We do get our share of cheeses too but I bet the best is at your place. Good day!