Beauties at the Butterfly Park

by - 13.9.09


Aside from the sunny skies that Singapore offers, the colorful butterflies and flowers are to boast of too. My good friend Syel always presents such lovely photos of when I saw this santan-look alike I immediately took a shot! Until now, we don't know how it is rightfully called.

The Butterfly Park in Sentosa houses a collection of butterflies and insects among other of the Kingdom Fauna.


Aside from displays, they are live butterflies, parrots, other birds, turtle and an iguana...(will be posted soon! It is very usual to see the butterflies on the floor so be careful, so you don't step on them...I just took a photo of this yellowish critter....good thing the kids saw it and didn't mistake t for a leaf!


Here is the real santan pink...looks much the same as the one above sans the long stamen.


Of course, I said Beauties at the Butterfly Park...dawty is surely one of them....hihi. Have a nice week everyone!


For more beautiful photos please visit DENISE and LUIZ SANTILLI JR's page.



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  1. Your daughter is a beauty in the butterfly park. Wonderful shots from the park.

  2. All your photos are excellent, but the one with the little girl and the butterflies is my favourite. Thanks for sharing

  3. G, she looks so pretty and grown up! Love the preserved butterfly swirling around like dancing!

    Ebie's Flowers.

  4. Hi, I made a painting of the yellow butterfly with the spots:) after I got permission from Scriptor Xenex (because I saw it on his blog). I love this butterfly - it makes me think like a bride! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  5. That first shot is elegant!
    What gorgeous specimans of butterflies and the real yellow one has such paper looking wings - like crepe.
    Your daughter is so very pretty!