The Gloriette

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24 June 2004

The Main Palace was supposed to be built on this part of the hill, but out of financial reasons, Empress Maria Theresa cancelled the plan and instead had this piece of crowning structure built on it. The Gloriette was constructed under her rule to commemorate so-called just wars, which are wars that had to be carried out of necessity. The Gloriette houses a caf'e and gives the visitor a view of the city. A pond, frequented by ducks and seagull gives the kids additional entertainment there, yes, they feed the birds and be so happy!

The 'hike' to the top of the hill is always a fun experience for me (and tiring). There are also several pathways to the top but the most rigid would be to go zigzagging, and this is a challenge that hubby would require me everytime we go there. =D

Below is a photo of my daughter when she was barely 3 years old (she's 6 now).

alex front gloriette

On another note:
One photo I posted here was sent also to the Österreich newspaper online edition, it was entitled Donau sunset and ducks, it was featured today. The original photo is here.

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  1. a star comes to accompany the photo second.

  2. you are right, me I collect my shoes with which I run

    I cannot throw them

  3. =) She's used to being the additional subject in photos, Bergson...Never forgets to smile!
    good day!

  4. She's beautiful and such a lovely addition to any photo!

    I have some rather dramatic photos of me at the Gloriette in 1990. (By dramatic, I mean, I was posing rather dramatically for me.) I really do have to find my photo albums. You're totally inspiring me...

  5. Thanks Janet! By! means there are lots!

  6. My dear, I very rarely compliment people on their kids (because I'm not much of a kid person myself), but your daughter is absolutely GORGEOUS. What a precious child!

    Oh, yes, the gloriette is delightful. I'd love to stop there for a nice café au lait. :)

    Happy Valentine's to you and that little princess of yours. :)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~

  7. The palace is lovely. I never visited it when I was last in Vienna (and that was years before your beautiful girl was born)

  8. Thanks Fenix! Yes, a cafe would be nice after the hike. My daughter takes after her dad....which is good thing! =D

  9. Now, don't forget to visit it Edwin when you happen to be in Vienna again. good day!

  10. Ahhh..another shot which brings back fond memories for me.
    Yes, you are right Mirage, the zigzag way up is really tiring :)

    What an adorable darling you have there :) Bet she brings a smile to anyone who sees her.

  11. The hill is good for those who want to burn some calories,murphy =D Thanks, she a stare sometimes ;-)

  12. Your daughter is sooooooooooo adorable and she fits perfectly in this gorgeous background. You both deserve to win a contest.

  13. Thanks again hopes too she wins some contest someday! lol. good day!

  14. How adorable! Is she your daughter?

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Happy Heart's Day!

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    Your Love Coach
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