Heads and a butt

by - 15.2.08


12 February 08

A few steps before the Parliament, one will see these busts. It serves as a memento of 3 Social Democrats...Jakob Reumann: once mayor of Vienna, Victor Adler: one of the ideological fathers of the Austrian republic and Ferdinand Hanusch: minister of social affairs. The date says 12 November 1918, and I was not sure if it meant that the busts were created then or if the three did something important that day.


After seeing the heads, just a few more steps and you'll see a butt!

Happy weekend everyone! May yours be full of laughter...

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  1. I'll take the butt!


    A fun weekend to you too. :)

  2. Just goes to show that taking a few more steps can bring an entirely different perspective! ;)

    Have a nice weekend, you too.

  3. Certainly is Per...at one point its the faces and later would be the behind. Thanks for droping by!

  4. =D Just some fun shots, thanks for dropping by Ann! ;-)