Another building in town

by - 9.2.08


25 August 2007

This is on the opposite side of the other building I have posted in January. It was still under renovation last summer (clear blue sky and lovely flower bed, who isn't missing that on a cold day?). See the safety nets up there?

I might come back sometime and see how it looks now, this place is at Getreidemarkt, very near Naschmarkt where I buy fresh fish for sushi...I'm craving for sushi so might as well go there soon.


Gerald (Hyde Daily), notice the lamp post at the middle...shame on it! =(

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  1. This looks like a nice buildling even with the work going on.

  2. beautiful shot. and very postcard like, if you remove the lamp post, and the scaffoldings.
    - Mindless Mumbai
    and, the scientific name of the tree that i posted is delonix regia. looks quite similar, but i dont think it is the fire tree

  3. It is Jim, even the brick colors look sophisticated...

    Thanks for the info Kunal. I somehow thought it is the fire tree because of the red flowers. Good thing that the lamp post blended in with the buildings color. =D

    Good day to you both!

  4. Lovely stained glass work on the top floor and, looking at the handsome building you posted in January, I'm thinking that intersection must be gorgeous.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Yes it is Fenix, and there were'nt much electricity lines up there, so I was given a clear view of both buildings! Thanks and TC!

  6. I love sushi! Now you got me craving too. ;)

    This is a lovely building on a lovely summer day. I miss summer...

  7. It would be nice to see the finished work - so if you go back next time...

    See you too like sushi. Take a look at my recent splurge (wish I had the patience to make it myself).

  8. I think on cold days we miss summer, and on warm days we miss snow...isnt it Lothiane? ironic.

    Ah, Isadora, sushi is a favorite of the whole family =D We can eat raw salmon for lunch and feel so happy! lol TC!

    Good day to you both!