Flower beds and more

by - 12.2.08

gloriette view from below

14 June 2004

This photo was taken on a summer day. =) From here, you see the Neptune fountain and the Gloriette on top of the hill (partly covered by a tree). Yes, the flowers are visible now, do you notice the red and white blossoms arranged alternately? Those are the colors of the Austrian flag...an aerial view of the garden will show a magnificent display of landscape designed specifically for Schönbrunn.

Another interesting inclusion are the sculptures lining the left and right pathwalks (this is the left pathway facing the gloriette, yesterday's photo was the middle pathwalk). They line up equally and are the allegories of mythical gods...too bad that only one of those scupltures is visible here, but there'd be the days ahead to post them. ;-)

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  1. Nice glimpse of what's to come. Thanks.

    Greetings from the frozen tundra. >8D


  2. Lolz. Twas not so cold here today 3d(C)/36d(F) and we're happy about it...do you use C or F there?

    Greetings back!

  3. Hoping to ge more of em in the summer...=D

  4. Beautiful garden! Sunny day ! Wonderful!

  5. Thanks ionna! Makes one forget winter. =) Good day!

  6. Ah yes, that's how I remember the gardens between the castle and Gloriette.

  7. Summer, for sure... I was fortunate to visit Schönbrunn once - gee it's been ten years - but foolishly didn't carry a camera. Brings back memories, thanks!

  8. =) Hello per stromsjo...that is one mistake I sometimes cry about...please look around to refresh you visit...or, why not come by again? Good day!

  9. It is a wonderful image. Lovely colours.