Fernwärme Office and Windows

by - 28.2.08

4 February 08
The office is located just behind the incinerator. I had this photo because I went there to pay our annual electricity use...ooppps heating and hot water I mean. =D
A typical Hundertwasser design. More on him on weeks to come.

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  1. I love Hundertwasser!
    What a creative mind!

  2. Yeah Sidney, the buildings he designed are reallc catchy...I hope I get to see and capture them soon =)

  3. Annual? They charge you annually for your electricity? Amazing. It used to be bimonthly back in Canada. Here it is monthly.

  4. Two things Fenix, we pay a monthly fee for heater and hot water which is separate from electricity. we are to consume a fix amount of watts (not sure if thats how its called). If we consume less they pay us back but if we consume more then we pay them...that's how it goes...

  5. Wow, how avante-garde! Not sure I'd like for him to design any building for me, but it's certainly interesting.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and for leaving your comments.

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    The Goddess In You

  6. He designed some more buildings Joy, Id go and photograph the as soon as the weather clears....=D

  7. Any building like this will surely brighten up a city and the viewer's mood.

  8. It does murphy_jay...this structure is really nice to photograph too...I just need to go around the other sides next time..=)

  9. i quite like the way the windows have been detailed out. atleast they are interesting to look at.
    - Mindless Mumbai
    i won't be able to visit again till april-end. there's too much college work. keep blogging, all the best. c ya.

  10. There was the comment I've been searching for...thanks Kunal, hope you enjoy study! =)

  11. The windows are amazing! Very interesting!