Awaiting Spring

by - 3.2.08

violet tulips

23 April 2005

Tulips make me happy because it means that spring has come! This photo is almost 3 years old and so I look forward to new tulip photo sessions this year. Two months more to go...

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  1. I love tulips too. This is a lovely photo I look forward to more tulips and daffodils in the spring!

  2. our daffodils are already in bud - they survived the weekend snow but I expect we'll get some more before the month is out

  3. Hahaha. I can see that you can't wait for spring! They are very very pretty. I love tulips myself. In fact that's my banner for my blog The Goddess In You.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and your kind comments. Have a wonderful week ahead. Drop by again!

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach

  4. Surely Joy, I'll drop by if not everyday then almost everyday =D Tulips/daffodils are my second fave are first.

    Thanks for dropping by. ;-)

  5. Really Hyde? I had attempted daffodils but no good. =)Just a little more time to endure. good day!

  6. Yes Mo, thats just 2 months wait =D Thanks for dropping by!

  7. OH! these are so utterly beautiful - I bet you can hardly wait to see them in bloom again.

    About IKEA - I guess it is the crowds that I really can't stand and the fact that I MUST TOE THE LINE rather than just go to the items I came for. They do have food you can take home - but having it there is better :)

  8. Hi again Isadora! thanks for your kind comments.

    I sometimes wait also and yes there could be much people, true, I truly understand what you mean...Still lets got there for the food! lol. =)

  9. A lovely photo; tulips are a beautiful flower.

    Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments.
    Adelaide in Photos

  10. Yes Gordon, one of my favorites. Thanks too!

  11. Hello,

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  12. First, I thought your spring was very early this year in Vienna!
    I like tulips too, what a pity they don't last in a vase...

  13. And they cost more than other flowers, dont they Alice? I would love it if they could last at least a week! Still watiting for Spring! =)

  14. Dumbfounded. All I can say is that they're perfect.