A Stranger's Portrait

by - 21.2.08


10 October 07

By the Thaliastrasse Market...

Sometimes, when we, as photographers are on the street taking photos of buildings, city scapes, events, some people who happens to be in the area would shy away as we aim the camera. Surprisingly however, there would be some who would actually request for a photo and pose for you, like the man in the in the post (above).

I was taking photos of the apples, oranges and grapes after the Indian storekeeper gave me a nod to do so. The man, who said his name's Harald, came near and asked me (in an unfriendly, interrogating manner) what was I doing and if I was allowed to do it? I said I was allowed and was taking photos of the fruit...obviously. He asked if I also take photos of people, my reply: "Yes, sir, why?" - "Could you take a photo of me too?" =D So there goes the story behind this photo.


As was suggested by Pusang Maganda, at Senor Enrique's blog, these people who came to us for photos need to be given a tribute because they do not actually ask for a copy of their photos. Though they were happy enough that we gave a few seconds of our time to focus our camera on them, a little space in our page is nicer. =)

So, do you have a photo of a stranger too? Some you randomly took or those who, like him came to you and ask for a shot? Please post your Stranger's photo too including a small anecdote--- then please let me know by leaving your link on this page. This is the Stranger's Portrait Challenge, show us your work!!!

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  1. Funny guy, eh? :)

    Re: polenta recipe, it's very easy; just follow the package instructions (you may use instant polenta - half a package is usually enough for four portions). Once cooked, add a few pieces of butter (not much) and mix. Then pour half of the polenta into a baking dish. Spread cubes of fresh mozzarella on top (the larger the cubes, the nicer the presentation when you cut it) and cover with the rest of the polenta. Top with grated Parmigiano and broil until golden brown. Cut into squares and top with fried quail eggs. Hope you make it soon. :)

  2. Yes, he was Fenix. Thanks for the recipe. Now I have to search for polenta here...=D

  3. Hi Mirage, have posted a picture of strangers.

    Not sure if it answers your challenge though.

  4. Thanks murphy_jay! Please send me your mailing address at dog_lapss@yahoo.com so I can send you a little something from Vienna. =)

  5. Wow, that's amazing. I have a few actually, but they were taken ages ago. It's more common in the Philippines where people ask to have their picture taken.

    Dallas Daily Photo

  6. Indeed, mrs.love books, camera addicts so we say...at the count of one everyone says 'cheese' and maintain that smile until the photographer clicked the cam ;-) Hope to see it still, old or new.

  7. I have tons of them... the older I am getting the more I focus on people. It is much more fun to take pictures of people than to take pictures of buildings.

  8. Your story of the man with the apple is quite a curious one...

  9. PLease show us Sidney, I'm pretty sure sure you got wonderful portraits! The man was funny, really. =)

  10. This is a great shot! He posed so nicely, perfectly showing off the apple. :)

  11. I was really surprised that he posed like that Ann, he was so into it! =)