Sausages at the grocery

by - 4.2.08


4 February 08

-Photo taken at the grocery, I still haven't gone to the market where the sausages are 'hanged.' Sausages refer to prepared food made from meat, fat, salt and spices generally packed in a casing. The casings, just like those of hotdogs or frankfurters as we know are edible while those of whole hams are synthetic. There are different ways of preserving curing, smoking or drying in cool air.

There are many types of sausages,those that could be eaten raw or cooked/cured. Raw sausages include salami and round hams among others, really ready to eat straight from the counter while hotdogs and italian pork sausages needs to be cooked first.

More on the sausages soon.

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  1. If I ate meat, I think that looks fantastic. I still eat hotdogs and sausages but they're vegetarian :)

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. How's your Monday so far?

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  2. Thanks Joy, monday...good! =) Got some photo ops today with the kids, that sausage photo is one. I am also trying to stay away from meat =) Good to hear you are eating healthy! Take care there!

  3. Hi - no need to apologise for calling me hyde instead of gerald on your comment on Hyde DP since that's the blogger ID I use there - right now I'm signed in with a different ID so then folk address me as Ackworth, unless they are familiar and know my real name - anyway I thought you might be interest in my post on Cumberland sausages

    PS Just notice I've accidently put you down on Hyde DP newlish blogs links as g-mirange - I'll correct that when I update it.

  4. Now we're quits about the wrong names then Gerald... ;-)

    haha...yes thanks for showing me that, gone in 4 hours...this is also how we make our longganisa in the Philipines...I'd do more about the sausages, esp the types and tastes. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. I will take any type of sausage, yummy.

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  7. Thanks Ron, I'll try to ask around...

    Jim, I like the wernerwürst, the ones with bacon! Yum!

    Janet, they're calling you back here. lol-