The Street Sweeper

by - 21.3.08


13 March 08

He is one of the many sweepers around our area...the building behind is where we live. There are also pickers, I unfortunately don't have a photo yet, they have a stick with a clamp at the end to pick the papers, plastic or other garbages stuck on grasses or sidebushes.

On the contrary, there'd be irresponsible people (younger generation) who would without thought vandalize facilities like the photo below, that is locals and immigrants alike.


15 March 08

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  1. The city of Vienna is obviously fastidious. A by-product of this is the gainful employment of many people keeping the city looking clean.

    I hate to see senseless destruction of property. A sad commentary.

  2. True Chuck, it is sad and disrespectful...=( I am a foreigner in this city and I respect the government's very effective system...I would not dare do something like that.

  3. It is awful that some people, especially the youth, think it's so "cool" to express their rebelliousness or "talent" (if we can call it that) through vandalism.

    Just imagine how much of the taxpayers' money go to fixing the problems vandals cause.

    From the street sweeper's picture, Your neighborhood seems so peaceful and orderly. :)

  4. I don't think I've seen that kind of vandalism here. Were we that stupid and destructive in our youth?

  5. I honestly don't get vandalism like that. It just doesn't have a point and spoils the day for everybody else.

    Thanks for the photos!

  6. Wow Gizelle.. the streets are spotless! Thanks to these people I am sure.

    Yes, I agree, vandalism on public property is uncivilised. Wonder what happened to our education system.

  7. Cleanliness-wise Panaderos, yes, but there are a few bouts with the younger people especially immigrants and locals. I would not say from which country the immigrants are but they are known to be warfreaks here. I haven't personally seen any but heard that in the farther side of the neighborhood there have been a number of imprisonment for misdemeanor. We live in front and so it doesn't happen =)

  8. Good point Fenix, perhaps not all of us but there'd surely be in our generation. So much changes in the moral values its annoying.

  9. Hi Kris, yeah this electronic ticket-seller is much needed, people get pissed off if they aren't able to read the words well, good thing I passed there 3 days ago and it was cleaned.

  10. @murphy: I believe its more on the conscience tingy =D

  11. I haven't seen a street sweeper like that here in Dallas. We have one but they're in big machines and huges brushes and vacuums

    Dalla Daily

  12. HAllo Midas! Just below this post you'd see the machine cleaner too =) Have a nice week ahead!