Summer House on an afternoon

by - 7.3.08

summer haus afternoon

14 February 2008

Amidst the busy streets of Vienna, this house sits undisturbed and hidden. We pass by this house lots of time whenever the kids say they want to walk instead of take the tram home.

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  1. How odd to find a tiny alpine house in the middle of the city. And this one has quite a collection of propane tanks. :)

  2. Must be quite a strange view in vienna... is a fairy living there? ;-)

  3. These timeless corners in the center of towns are really fascinating!

  4. Well they are quite hidden from the streets actually Fenix...There are lots of summer houses in this part of Vienna too...We live in the 21st district, which is a little less busier....

    Not really Sidney, the borders of Vienna have bigger houses especially the 19th district but here in the 21st there are summer houses like these and since they are summer houses, they tend to be smaller...but really cozy!

    This is the side of Vienna that one should also appreciate Pietro, not just the grand buildings...a simple life in a simple house =)

    Good day ya' all!