February Theme Day : What Would You Miss?

flower corner

If I ever leave Vienna, I'd miss friends and the silent streets, the laidback life but to show a part of the city: that would be corner flower shops, Vienna has a lot of these beautiful shops that you could just admire while walking by...or discover as you get lost on unfamiliar streets. They make getting lost all worth it. 

Blumen (die):   [ˈbluːmənFlowers

Tuchlauben 2014
1001 Vienna


Snowy Vienna at the Start of 2015

Black and white #Schönbrunn. Nahhh, just winter.  

While the previous year gave very little snow for the kids to enjoy, 2015 started with white landscapes all around the city. It's winter wonderland finally. Despite the trees being leafless out in the cold, they are still lovely to look at in their slumber, agree?

Baum (der):  [ baʊ̯m]  - tree

Schönbrunn 2015
1120 Vienna


Old street

photo 1 (9)

It was raining and cold, as December mornings ought to...Who wouldn't want to go to Spain or a far away tropical island to escape the cold? It's a bit expensive so opt for a spanish aura instead. Click here to read where a friend and I went. 

Regen (der):  [ /ˈreː.ɣə(n)/]  - rain

Griechengasse 2014
1010 Vienna


Blue Sky at the Palace grounds


Cloudy and blue

Blauer Himmel (der):  - Blue sky

Shönnbrunn  2014
1150 Vienna


Summer Look


Bikes in the garden. A scene signifying that the sun is finally here. Enjoy summer, wherever you're spending it!

Sommer (der):  [ˈzɔmɐ]  - summer

Volksgarten 2014
1010 Vienna