Lonely Bear


The Wiener Eistraum boasts of 7,000+ square meters of ice for skating aficionados every year. They top it every time! This year, with not only stalls around offering goodies and a separate rink for little kids but there's a maze that goes around the garden as well...

Here, when the other part of the rink gets cleaned, only the polar bear stood watch!

Bär (der):  [bɛːɐ̯] - Bear

Burgtheater 2014
1010 Vienna


Wiener Eistraum 2014

Wiener Eistraum
With very little snow this season, there's but the ski resorts to visit on a semestral break...or stay around for the Wiener Eistraum and glide with friends in front of the city hall's massive rink. 

This year's skating season began on January 23 and will last until March 9. ^_^

Traum (der): / tʀaʊ̯m/ - dream

Rathaus/City Hall 2014
1010 Vienna



This season's first snow



Yes, rather late for the season but still a welcome coldness! :)

Nacht (die): /naχt/ - night

Vienna Streets 2014
1150 Vienna


Ice Skating Out

Technically not Vienna....Wolkersdorf is a 30-minute drive from Vienna...or sort of. The open ice-skating rink is frequented by schoolkids in winter.

Eisbahn (die) : /aɪ̯sbaːn/ - skating rink

Wolkersdorf  2014


January Theme Day: Photo of the Year


I have been skipping many days as usual. December went with only one post in it. :( And here comes the first theme day for this year. I pick the above photo but shown differently on a post from May 12...please click here.

The caption goes "If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older."

Seems to be a fitting reminder year by year, day by day.

--2014 January Theme Day---


December Theme Day: Looking Out

highway vienna Vienna's high rises may not be as notable as Seattle's, New York's or San Francisco's but, its engineers had perhaps the best plans laid out for the city being convenient not just for motorists but for daily commuters as well. Hand in hand with its architects, Vienna's landscape seem like an urban jungle that is not so chaotic. ^_^ 

Photo above seen looking out from the Rotating Danube Tower. Click here for a view of some architecture and here for a view of an unripe sunset (Last month's theme day for "heights" entry too.

Below, a leopard at Vienna's Schönbrunn Tiergarten seem to be lost in thought. It is always anyway looking out, as if longing for its release.

Happy Theme Day!


---2013 December Theme Day---


For When it's Supposedly Gray

-- Look up, don't be blue! --

Just conditioning myself actually for the gray days ahead. :) The Schönbrunn grounds seem to be a blue (positively though) at this particular moment!

Today, rather, yesterday (25th) was officially the first day snow falls on Vienna...but, very thinly so I have no photos to show. And gray days starts...now!

Wolke (die) : /'vɔlkə/ - cloud

Schönbrunn 2013
1120 Vienna