Night Market

by - 4.3.08

sweets at night
24 February 2008
Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes, this store is for you, they have all the sweets you might be looking for and in different sizes. Interestingly they open only at night, I think around 5pm but I'm not sure until when. The stores are located near the end station of the U6 line and they are seasonally opened.

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  1. It makes sense, my worst "sweet-attacks" :D always occur in the evenings. Smart people!

  2. Oh so that's it! The fix comes at night and just by the station when a lot of people rushing to go home passes by...good srtategy ha...=)

  3. I love night markets! But this is definitely different from Hong Kong's night market :)

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  4. ah yes! this is I say Hope your enjoying it there on your part of the world! thanks joy!

  5. I wondered about only being opened at night but now I do understand.
    By the station--people rushing by and grabbing something for the spouse or friend. MB

  6. yes MB, and if people are hungry too they can just a grab it here. =) Good day!

  7. Excellent hoto, so crisp and clear in the evening. Funny, I usually have a sweet tooth in the evening as well. More for ice cream, though. I would gladly trade 5 pounds of chocolate for a gelato cone.

  8. I like sweets when not too sweet ;-) Here, what I love most is your photo: with this wonderful light !

  9. @dusty lens: Then it proves that this store profits more at night...I have sweet attacks all the time though. Thanks!

    @fabrizio: Thanks a lot! I think I'll stick with this camera longer =)

  10. Una bella prospettiva che rende con efficacia l'atmosfera del mercato notturno.

  11. Grazie così tanto Pietro. Era una notte bella quel volta anche.