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here comes the bus

26 July 2007

A fine summer day while waiting for the bus. This is the 31A busline endstation at the 22nd district, this is also the U1 Trainline station Kagraner Platz. There are a number more of buslines and another tramline in some 'way' connecting the city by its transportation.

The 31A bus travels from here to 18 stops more until the 21st district's endstation. Our stop is on the 17th. I really admire how the city engineers and the Wiener Linien did well with planning the city's transportation system...

Below: the 3 stooges always having fun on a bus ride, my youngest wouldn't stay in his stroller...

3 bus

27 August 07

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  1. Really cute kids you have there to keep you company on your bus rides. Look like a handful of mischief! -:)

    Your kids are more impressive than the bus. -:))

  2. Lol Chuck! Thanks...they could be mischievous when allowed otherwise they're behaved as a bunch of happy kids...the middle one can make people around him laugh at the way he laughs(in a bus, clothes shop, foodie shops)...really infectious.

  3. Your youngest is sooo cute. And your girl looks very demure!

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. How is the weather where you are? Is it as blustery as it is here in Norwich?

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  4. Thanks Joy, the youngest is a cuddly little bear who freely gives hugs and kisses, while saying 'I la u'- a somewhat slang I love you! =D

  5. Thanks George! Thank God they are! =D

  6. Daniel is adorable! Sarap kurutin! And your girl looks prim and proper. You have beautiful kids, Gizelle! You're blessed!

  7. Thanks Luna, we all are in each own way...with this blessings come really great responsibility (I think that's spiderman's with great power comes great responsibility hehe) =)

  8. Wahhh... Comelnya - so so cute.. :)
    Looking forward to more photos of them.

  9. Hai tre bimbi bellissimi e simpaticissimi! :)

  10. Grazie Pietro! And everyone too! =)