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12 February 08

How many of us has at one point posted the 'faces' of trams, trains and buses in DP? Well. today I'm posting the back of a tram instead of the face =D (notice my shadow there lol)

This tram (Straßenbahn), is the new and lowered version, I say lowered because like the trains from two days ago, there are still trams with steps (elevated from platform) like the one below. This is not very convenient for the older people or the physically challenged or for a mom like me hehe.


1 February 08 at sundown

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  1. Your new trams look fantastic! Look at those giant windows. What a nice ride that must be!

  2. The new lower tram looks real sleek and must give a great ride. Being so low, I wonder how they are in the snow.

  3. The trams look futuristic! It must be fun to be riding in one.


  4. In summer, I wish those glass windows could be opened, but no they can't gets warm inside for lack of ventilation.
    The snow get plowed very often so there isnt really problems with them when they pile up.

    Good day to you all!

  5. The trams of Vienna are pleasing and functional. I am passionate of London Double Decker bus!

  6. Hi Pietro! I have some photos of Vienna's double decker trains but can't find them yet lol (I have all my photos saved in a 250gb disk ). I'll post them soon as I find them! THanks for reminding me.

  7. Nice looking new tram! But the old one was very picturesque, too ... just not so modern. I'm struck by how clean everything looks!!

  8. I am amazed too Chuck, there are daily cleaners that comes by often, they are really loyal to their job I guess...but I sometimes see not so clean stuff too, and I think the younger people are to be blamed :-(