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bahnhof night

24 February 08

For some reasons, I cannot find my photos regarding Wiener Linien trams so here I am posting Ubahn (underground) stations at the U6 line.

Above (like last time this photo was taken from inside the train), U6 Station Spittelau at dusk. At the background you can see Fernwärme Wien. The other line U4 also goes here. As mentioned yesterday, the city (and national) tranportation is really convenient, even the buses and trams provided by the city...as managed by the Wiener Linien. Tickets are sold depending on the time you will spend travelling, there are 1 way, 1 day, 72 hours or weekly tickets. For the locals, there are monthly and yearly tickets and the good thing is they are the same for trains, buses and trams. And you only punch it once (I am comparing to Paris where you have to punch your ticket at every train entry and exit). You just need to keep ahold of your ticket well so that when the kontrolle comes you have something to show, otherwise you pay a fine of 60euros + 1,70 for a ticket that you should validate then.


This one is the endstation of U6, Floridsdorf, where I take tram #31 to take me home. That's about 5 stops from here. =)

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  1. 60 Euros seems a bit stiff, but they must have a reason for that...

  2. It's neat that Austria has such great train transportation.

  3. I think so that they remember to buy the ticket all the times Fenix...hehe.

    It really is (rambling round)...makes me appreciate the city all the more!

  4. Love all the photos, keep up the good work.