After the rain

by - 18.3.08


18 March 08

It was a very unusual was a lovely sunny morning, the kids and I were waiting for the traffic light to turn green when small white flakes suddenly started sticking to our faces...The light turned green but even before we get to the other end of the lane, the sun was gone.

It didn't last though...When we went home saw this pigeon in the balcony, with drippings around it lol. And below were some flowers planted by the city gardeners...little blooms in pink, light pink and maroon.


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  1. That looks like a cross between a pigeon and a dove!

    By the way, your kids are gorgeous.

  2. That's such a cute dove (and very color coordinated, too - even the droppings match!) ~8D

  3. Never seen such a beautiful balck and white pigeon! It changes from the dull grey ones in Paris. This is a great capture too!

  4. Nice close shot of the pigeon. I love the colors of the little flowers.

  5. I envy pigeons. They always seem to find view property for their perch. Glad the snow was brief.

  6. Thanks Kris...yeah, I cannot really tell them apart...

    Lol, Fenix, I noticed that too...I was able to take only 1 photo then it left!

    I remember the dovesband sparrow in Paris by the big head in front of the church, Dorothee. The kids fed and followed them around =D.

    (Clueless in Boston): I was attracted at the different shades in one flower, I'll photograph the light pink and maroon too.

    There was once a movie I watched Chuck, where the lady doesnt like pigeons because she said they only come to you when they need something. True in a sense, the movie was set in Milan, she was feeding the pigeons =D

  7. I don't like pigeons too much...but I do like daisies! They are called "pâquerettes" in French," Pâques" means "Easter", because they bloom just now! Hope my daughter didn't forget her gloves, it seems to be cold this week in Vienna...

  8. Hi April, wow I didn't know she'd be here now...It was snowing in some parts of Austria today, but not in Vienna, hope your daughter arrived safely...I had hoped if I had the time I could meet her too but I unfortunately do not have the privilege of free time =(

    Thanks for the info about the flowers...I like taking photos of them but I know very few by name, hope you're doing good and your daughter too! Take care!

  9. Gorgeous photos! I love both of them and the pigeon looks special. Hehe.


  10. Gizelle, love both the shots of pigeon and daisy.

  11. Thanks Kyels, reason I took the photo: I was intrigued by the pigeons color!

    Thanks Murphy_jay! Glad you back!

  12. Ang galing mo po talaga. Perfect ang pagka-capture! :)