Street oddities

by - 12.3.08


22 February 08

I was supposed to blog about the buses today but as I was browsing through my phone camera photos (I love Sony Ericsson phones!), I saw these 2 odd things.

Above photo I believe is a campaign for Lindt Chocolates as locals celebrate their spring festival with eggs and bunnies, not only chocolates are shaped as such but this Smart carrabbit as well.

I saw this motorcycle laying down recklessly behind a car. It was situated very near the car's rear so I was thinking either the car bumped into it or someone was trying to ride away with it.

motorcycle down

27 February 08

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  1. That smart bunny is very cute. Clever advertising on the part of Lindt. The motorcycle, on the other hand, is quite sad. I'm always afraid I may find mine knocked over like that whenever I park on the street near some car. Lucky so far, but it does happen all too often. From the angle of the fall, I'd guess that either theft or maliciousness was the culprit in this case.

  2. It's good they did not succeed in the robbery...I sometimes see posted reward ads for stolen motorcycles Chuck...

    My brother is fascinated with them too, hope you riders out there really stay safe...

  3. Now that is a cute car. Too bad the people at Volkswagon didn;t think of this for their ad campaign for their Rabbit GTI. Too bad about the motorcycle. It appears someone was trying to steal. it.

    Oh, and thank you for your large photo-size tutorial on your other site. I have been trying to figure this out fo a long time and you made it seemso easy. I really wish blogger had tutorials and other user friendly templates.

  4. Hi Dusty! It seems easy to steal a motorcycle away--but they did fail in this attempt. Haven't seen the Volkswagen rabbit, I'll try to look at it.

    Hope the tutorial helped you, it was worth messing up with my template back then ;-)

  5. The owner of that bike was lucky this time, but he/she must've been quite pissed when they saw it on the pavement. Love the smart bunny! :)

  6. The bunny was first seen by my daughter, Fenix, they actually are the ones who sees odds things first and would tell me to take photo of them lol...They'd keep talking about what they see and laugh even after we've walked far away enough =D

  7. I love the Lindt car! Where can I get one please? :D

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.

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    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  8. Hmmm....I don't see it anymore Joy, I'll wait for the next days for it to show up again =D

  9. Great shots for a cellphone camera!!

    I'll take the chocolates, for sure.

  10. I think Sony ericsson phone cameras are really something was clearer even with my older one!

  11. ODDITIES. Nagka-interest agad ako sa title pa lang! :)