Plum Blossoms

by - 15.3.08


12 March 2008

Just taking a little break from the transportation system =D. I've been having headaches for sometime now...I guess it has to do with the weather and the rain that poured suddenly or the medicine I took that got me complications or the many stuff in my head that confuses themselves which one I should think of first...

I'm just glad that I get to see beautiful flowers around that makes me at ease, somehow. The plum flowers (ume) look almost the same as cherry blossoms (sakura, my fave flower)...In Japanese culture, they play much during weddings and other occasions. It is about this time of the year too that they celebrate the Plum Blossom Festival.

Below is the actual size of a plum blossom.


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  1. I hope your headaches are short lived. The plum blossoms are very pretty and must be a harbinger of spring. Be well.

  2. I hope they'd be gone soon (clueless), Im' still clueless about your name...I'm really glad to see the blossoms around since it also means more macro shots for me lol.

  3. Very nice looking blossoms

  4. Enough to make me feel better Jim...=) Good day!

  5. Re: your comment, well of course the University students see the world from a different plane ... that's why they call it "higher education". -:)

    I think I like plum blossoms better than cherry. These seem to have a more robust color and shape.

    I trust your headache abates soon.

  6. Lol Chuck! Hope each student think that way so they go further up than flank!

    I'm better after sleeping for three hours, Thank you and good day to you!

  7. Happy to see those plum blossoms in Vienna. The ones we have here in Victoria must be a different variety since their leaves are alway russet and never turn green.

  8. Oh, how beautiful! Fruit tree blossoms are the loveliest. So delicate. Spring has sprung in Vienna! :)

    I hope you'll get better soon.

  9. Hi Benjamin, I wonder too why the leaves were different.

    Thanks rambling round, hope to see more of then on a sunny day...its been always raining.

    Indeed are, Fenix! The gardeners are planting the flowers already, I saw em yesterday!

  10. Delightful macros. In Stockholm we'll have to wait patiently yet a while...

  11. I hope your headache is gone by now. The plum blossoms are really pretty! I love the photo specially the first one.


  12. Get well soon...
    Gorgeous flowers!

  13. They'd come soon Per, I think...I am awaiting the cherry blossoms too!

    Thanks Kyels...I hope they stay longer naman--

    Thanks Sidney for both meanings! =)

  14. I love blossoms. They are just so beautiful and to me signifies the start of life again. Love your photos!

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments, Gizelle.

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  15. this is a pretty flower. lovely shot, gizelle. sleep is my best remedy to a headache. i hope you're feeling better soon.

  16. Thanks joy,but they are shortlived =(

    Hi Luna! Im ok now, only laziness is my sickness now =D thanks!