Oher means of Transpo

by - 16.3.08

red scooter
13 February 2008

I haven't seen much scooters around the city, maybe because it is still winter?
Well, aside from the trams, trains, buses, (and fiakers), one best way to tour or go to work is by bike! The city is also a bike-friendly neighborhood...lanes and stoplights for both pedestrians and bikes are provided. Even trains are designed for bikes to be transported too.
Sometimes, those who comes from outside Vienna travels by car and park it somewhere then goes on with their bike...convenient way to save gas and at the same time, get some exercise!


4 February 2008

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  1. The scooter's pretty lovely, but I don't think I'd dare ride one.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. Terribly sorry I've been busy decorating our new house and in the middle of packing, too. Once settled I shall be able to visit your blog more regularly. Have a great week ahead!

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  2. No worries Joy, I know how it is to be in a new house, take your time so we see photos of the new house soon! =)

  3. If only the motorists are more disciplined around here and the city not too polluted, I'd love to get one of these scooters. My very first motor driving experience was with a Vespa. For years while living in Manhattan, I went to work on my bike during spring and summer.

    Great Shots!

  4. I miss cycling! In the city (Kuala Lumpur) you don't see that many people using bicycles.

  5. Wow SenorE, I wouldn't brave the streets on a bike at winter time...brrrr! I remember your post about the motorists who do not even have helmets! Thanks so much for the kind words!

  6. Hi Kyels, what could be the reason? here, the sideroads are designed for the bikes and you'll see really how some guys would shell out money to make their bikes an attraction (hubby is one). lol-

  7. Ah! Scooters!! My favorite mode of transport-:)

  8. I was just finding the right time to post this! I knew you'd say that, do you have red too?

  9. The cycles look like the ones that you can hire, like the ones we saw in Lyon last year. How long has Vienna had them?

    See the velos in Lyon on my cycling holiday blog"

  10. Hi Bergson, yes they ate rental bikes...one shop Pedal Power, started in 1996...thanks for dropping by!

  11. Other means of transportation na kahit kelan ay hindi ko ma-aavail because I can't drive scooters. Kahit bicycle, FAIL. :D