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20 March 08

Another subject I find interesting, symmetry inside the tunnels that lead to the trains. Shallow as it may, I am amazed how this massive underground tunnel has been constructed. I've seen the construction though of some of Vienna's newest trainlines as I pass by everyday but I still think the endproduct is not only a convenient way for passengers but a wonder too.

Above is the trainstation Zippererstrasse U3 Line, below is Karlsplatz station which is notorious for the smelly (urine) elevators. Karlsplatz is in the city center where lots of other trainlines, tram, buses, local lines abound.


26 July 07

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  1. I'm very surprised not to see crowds in these places...
    Just now, I'm looking forward to see my daughter coming back from Vienna: she travelled all the night by bus between Vienna and Nancy (in the east of France, where she's studying) and now she is in the TGV and she'll be at home at 6PM, exhausted I presume!
    I wish you a very good week end with your lovely family.

  2. Tunnels, long suspension bridges, and skyscrapers. For me, all are truly engineering marvels. It is mind-boggling to imagine the amount of work and thought that went into the design and construction of these structures to make them work for us.

    In New York City, for example, people do complain about the smell and the grime in the subway stations. But such problems come with the system's age for a lot of the stations have been in operation since 1904.

    From afar and before you had mentioned the smell, I was quite impressed with your tunnel photos. Upon closer look though, I also noticed some graffiti on the wall at the right of the second photo. But again, the system has been around for a while and some people, especially vandals, take it for granted.

  3. The structure of these tunnels is interesting. But as regards the car, I don't like to drive in the tunnels if the lighting is not more than good!...
    A wonderful Easter to you and to everybody!


  4. The tunnels somehow reminds me of the subways in United States. We don't get such "futuristic" tunnels here in Malaysia; too bad, no? I can only gaze at them in amazement via photos. Haha.


  5. Alice, is she back now? Sorry I wasnt able to reply soon...I hope she is feeling ok, if she got photos that you'd like to contribute, please do so...Have a happy week!

  6. I remember the ghostbuster movie Panaderos when you mentiones NY city's subway hihi.

    The Karlsplatz subway is frequented both by locals and tourists, this is one of the stations which is not to be proud of when speaking of cleanliness. At most parts, there are lots of drunk people too and quite a dangerous area to stay and shop.

  7. Hi Pietro! I am not sure if there are tunnels that are dugged as deep as the trainlines. I think car tunnels are shallow =)

  8. It's the same in Pinas Kyels...the Lrts are already old and I won't compromise to travel regarding safety...hope they do something to improve them no? Sayang naman.

  9. Thank you, Gizelle, for asking about my daughter. yes, she back home after her long trip, but you know, she's 19, a good night and ready to go!
    She'll show us her photos this afternoon but we've still taste Demel chocolates...!
    I amn't sure to well understand, do you mean you would want to see some of the photos she took?
    Happy Easter, Joyeuses Pâques!

  10. Hi again Alice, if your daughter would like her photos to be published in Vienna Daily as contribution, please do so.

    I got married at 19 =) so yeah she's good to go...hihi hope you enjoy the chocos! TC!

  11. I like the thought of tunnels, but I am a little scared of them. I don't get to try out that many, and it's probably why I am scared of tunnels.
    Dallas Daily Photo

  12. I am scared Midas, only when I see people who looks they would harm you =) When its clear I'd bravely go =)

  13. Ah, it's been ten years since I had the privilege of riding the Vienna Subway. Great tribute!

  14. i like your tunnel photos, gizelle...very futuristic! but i'm also a bit claustrophobic, i wouldn't ride the subway when i have a choice. i rode the subways in US and some european cities...the apprehension of being mugged overrode my claustrophobia! :D

  15. I am not sure if the change in your phobia is good Luna, but yep, sometimes it is scarier to be cramped with people you don't trust that to be in a cramped space all alone. nyaha, thanks po!