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21 April 08

The ones responsible for cleaning is WienWorks. Every morning I see a truck and them all clad in green overalls (very environmental indeed). The man in the photo seem to be trimming the bush...I saw that he was also sweeping the dried leaves that day.

Below are the same pink lawn daisies I posted yesterday...only that the sun was nowhere and so they (like sunflowers) did not open up.

closed daisies

15 April '08

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  1. There are so many flowers there unlike over here. I think people would just trample them to death if they see any. Anyway, I like the second photo; especially the colour.


  2. Those lawn daisies are pretty smart -:) They know when it's a nice day and when it's not.

  3. I can honestly say that I have never seen pink daisies before. Lovely!

  4. very interesting. i agree with chuck on daisies being smart.

  5. That's mean Kyels...=(

    I sometimes wonder why only are the sunflowers called sunflowers notice they have somehow look like sunflowers with those yellow in the middle...

    Kris, since lawn daisies are smaller than dandelions they are not so noticeable, when you walk at the park, you might just see even one...but its autumn there, so not yet =)

    Really Dong, many flowers open up when the sun is up! =)

  6. The simplest flower I have seen in this blog! :) But they are also pretty!