Bank Austria

by - 12.4.08


19 August 2007 (Floridsdorf)

Bank Austria is one of the oldest bank in Vienna dating as far back as 1855!

The bank has effectively secured many branches and automated machines within the city for customer's convenience.

Below, I spy pigeons! My youngest kid pointed them to us and glad that I have taken a shot before they flew away. (Stare at this photo to see illusion that the side is slanting =D sorry, I'm just having fun with stuff).

bank austria

7 April 2008 (Rennweg)

Meme rules later....

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  1. Yes, I do see the illusion. Hehe!

  2. I love such buildings from Old Europe. We would have had a lot of such buildings still around in Manila had World War 2 not occur.

  3. this bank had a lot of offices in Hungary, too...but I haven't seen them for a while. Maybe they moved out.

  4. It hurts my eyes Kyels when I stare longer? hehe.--

    If I remember Panaderos, from SenorE's blog those that remained where sandwiched between highrise building becoming eyesores or left to crumble =( Sayang ano?

    Perhaps still during the Austro-Hungarian Empire Zsolt, as many other resemblances in out cities =)

  5. Stare too long you start to sway.It's acertainly a differnt angle.

    If you do have a theme day sunday anytime i'll join in, if i can. I agree sundays can be quiet.

  6. Ok Thanks much Babooshka! I think it will be late for today so let's start next week =) Hope its ok with you.

  7. The building looks very classic!