The tourist district

by - 28.4.08

flower shop kärtner

28 April 08

For the past months that I have been posting city photos, I chose places which people do not frequent. So for the following days I will take you around the tourist center. I hope you enjoy the flowers, buildings, people and birds found all around the city center.

Edit: I noticed that there are no people around (only someone's skirt caught partly in this photo) but there were actually lots loitering around, I guess it pays to wait a little before clicking the camera. ;-)


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  1. I would love to visit your pretty tourist district!

  2. That's a great idea, G, to take photos of places that are off the beaten track, so to speak.

    That's quite a pretty flower shop. :)

  3. if i had a chance to visit that place, i'll bike all day. yes i mean it. all day!

  4. Oh, the pigeon is visiting too? -:)

    Love the colors in that flower stall.

    I posted a park for you today -:)

  5. I would love to live right across from that flower shop. What a beautiful thing to see every day of your life!

  6. Thanks to the regular cleaners Photo Cache! =)

    So true Fenix, but living in this part of the city costs much too =( Much like the houses in Seattle as Chuck said...

    Chuck, there are lots of them but not as much as there are in Milan...and the kids like feeding them with crumbs. Thanks for the park photo!

  7. Dong, do look at the next post =)

    Panaderos, sorry for my lack of better things to write. =) I guess when I need to practice English again and read more books less German....

    Tanya, please do! There are much things to see and enjoy!

  8. Napaka-timing na wala masyadong tao pagkuha mo sa photos! :)