I Spy Sunday - Pencils

by - 27.4.08


1 November 07


How many pencils will one tree make?


Edit: According to WikiAnswers...Probably 20 million.

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  1. One tree--many pencils--I guess.
    I like your Tulip pics too. MB

  2. Bonjour, "mirage2g"! Louis la Vache thanks you for visiting his "San Francisco Bay Daily Photo"!

    Louis has added your "Vienna Daily Photo" as a link.

  3. I like the third picture below, and your post give me something to think about. Well done.

  4. yes. pencils are made of wood. not sure how much trees are cut for these but we surely need to be aware of this.

  5. I love the shot of the trees on such a sunny day. It creates a happy feeling, IMHO.

    Great shots of the pencils. They're your daughter's, right? :)

  6. Hi Gizelle! Thanks for having been so kind to comment on Blogtrotter while I was absent! And thanks for the offer of the template. Sent you an email...
    Hope you have a great week!

  7. Well I suppose it depends on the size and kind of tree, and also the size of the pencils. Do you think you might get pencils with erasers from a gum tree? LOL

  8. Great shot of the pencils. 20 million seems like an awful lot of pencils from one tree; maybe a Redwood. I like your Sunday meme project.

  9. The pencil shot is great! I like the angle and the color very much. Hope you had a great weekend and a great week ahead.

  10. Thanks Thien! I really hope to have a nice week despite the weather changes! Hope you too have it good!

    Slim, hope you can join next time! Thanks!

    Hmm...from a rubber tree, surely erasers can be made, but a pencil's body out of it? Now it does make me wonder about the gum tree lol.

  11. Ok Gil, I'd check, thanks!

    Panaderos, this time its not my daughter's. This is from the two boys' kindergarten =). Yeah, Autumn trees are quite pretty too!

    Dong, I guess one tree is more than enough for a whole school in the whole year.

    iBlowfish, Thanks! I somehow thought also about it.

  12. Louis la Vache: Thank you too, I'm adding you too!

    MB: Thanks, 2 million is really much...=) Have a great week!

  13. A very clever idea to illustrate this theme!

  14. I find myself using pencils rarely these days. That's probably good news for some tree out there? ;)

  15. Wow! Trivia ito ha. Hindi ko alam yun. Hehe.