Summer or Winter?

by - 5.4.08


September 2007

So which do you prefer?


16 November 2007

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  1. Summer...but autumn weather the best!

  2. I like both pics for they're both very cute. However, I'm a summer person. I enjoy going out without having to put several layers of clothing on. Plus, I'm happier and in a much better mood from spring to mid-fall. :)

  3. Your kids look equally happy, hot or cold -:)

    I prefer moderation!

  4. True rambling round! I like spring too but without the pollen allergies!

    I find summer uncomfortable Panaderos, especially when its in Pinas, I guess I have been affected much by the cold that its difficult for me to adjust to the weather now.

    Kyels, I was just curious, does Malaysia have 4 seasons or 2?

    Chuck, yep around 15degrees (C) for me is ok!

  5. hard to say... is "both" a choice? :) Have a great Sunday!

  6. Summer all the way!! so much more to do!!! more light and more of Gods amazing creatures out to photograph!

  7. Why choose? At our latitudes we get a bit of both worlds... :)

  8. Summer!!!
    Loved to see your tulips!
    Thanks for your hints to get larger pics at Blogtrotter. My problem now is with the sidebar and the awful grey background behind the larger pics... :((
    Have a great week!

  9. Lol Lara, my choice would be none! I like autumn more...

    tscharke, true, I just don't like the sun much, my skin bites and burn easily lol. (but don't imagine me as the humantorch!)

    True Per, but winter is too much for me since I am born in a tropical country, then summer here is very different as it is humid =( and there are no nearby beaches unlike in the Philippines =D

    Thanks Gil, I'll look into your template soon and mess with it! hehe!