Ferris wheel

by - 7.4.08


7 April 07

Remember the post about the giant ferris wheel? The red cloth which was prepared for the upcoming EUFA in the city (European Union Football association) however, a storm tore it apart and due to the highcost budget they decide to leave it that way (as told by my friend, Mayla).
Below, a closer view from inside the train.


today, 7.04.08

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  1. I think there was a famous Ferris Wheel in the movie "The third man" from Orson Welles. And if I am not mistaken this was in Vienna.

  2. My husband is terrified of ferris wheels. Once my daughter was with us and she (5 years old) tried rocking it and I thought he might cry. I don't ask him to join me anymore :)

  3. This is a cool shot, but I'd like to put it in photoshop and have some fun with it.

    Nick Chance

  4. Gizelle, it's interesting that you shot the Feris Wheel with other surrounding buildings as well.
    Really gives the viewer a good gauge of how big and tall the wheel is.

  5. I like the first photo. It's nice!


  6. I love both shots, especially the first one. It gives us a perspective of how big that ferris wheel is when compared to the surrounding buildings.

  7. is this the same ferris wheel that you photographed last time? i notice that the fan like cloth is not there anymore.

  8. Gee, I'd never ride one of those. Standing on a chair is sufficient challenge for me... ;)

    Take care of that allergy of yours. I know everything about those, it's no fun at all.

  9. deux très belles vues de la grande roue. superbe

    Two beautiful views of the big wheel. Superb

  10. Sidney: I looked it up and yes it was set in the post-war Vienna.

    Its the other way around with us Misawa Mama, I am the one who so doesnt join in...

    Nick, yeah I should have brought my other camera and try hdr stuff...maybe next time.

  11. Murphy: yeah the shell stationed compared to it is so small!

    Thanks Kyels, it was a windy and cold day.

    Panaderos, Thanks...I think I have other photos which shows also how big it is, I'll post it next time.

    Yes it is Dong, the storm tore it apart...

    Per, I wouldn't try too lol.

    Merci Olivier, it is one of the city icons that tourists and locals photographs...