Signs and a Double decker - My 103rd post (lol)

by - 18.4.08


17 April 08

Aside from headaches and laziness, forgetfulness is another effect of the allergies (yeah I blame everything on it). I barely noticed that I was past the 100 post already, thanks to Chuck (Seattle) as he posted his and I was reminded. =)

I went out for fresh air today (and visited a friend) and I was delighted to finally photograph this identifying stickers. If you remember I posted about priority seats last month and how this stickers became controversial for being 'sexist' in a way. So the city came up with this new set where only the pregnant woman remained unchanged (what if there is also a pregnant man in the city?...i wonder)

I reached my friend's place via a double decker train! It is lovingly identified as Wiesel with its logo as the weasel itself.


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  1. double decker train, neat. The priority seat sticker looks colorful and after you figure them out informative.

  2. Views always seem to be better from the upper level, don't they? Glad I reminded you -:)

  3. I totally like the subway in Vienna! and the municipality is so thoughtful :))...

  4. The things that people get upset about! It never ceases to amaze me.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories. Special thanks for the update!

  5. Congratulations for this 103th post, I'm waiting for 206 more!
    The leaves come after the flowers on Japanese trees like these cherrie trees.
    Have a nice day, in spite of your allergies...

  6. wow! the first photo shows how you can make those simple signs look so good. i wonder how imaginative you are in taking some of the common views like this and making them look really good.

    congratulations to your 103rd post! keep it up.

  7. Wow, you've been doing a better job keeping up with your blog than I have! Thanks again for visiting my Easy Japanese Recipe blog! I love the photos. I will have to visit Vienna sometime. I've been to pretty much every country in Europe except for Austria! Shame on me, right?

  8. The kids always wanted to sit up there Jim, its like a special treat.

    Thanks really Chuck! yep, though its difficult to come down with my little boy.

    So true Lara...The Vien blog is at this time under construction, I guess the photographer is a pro =D

  9. Kris: yeah, for me it ain't a big deal =) To each his own...

    Thanks Alice, I really hope to keep this going.

    Thanks Dong! I don't know but I just shoot it =) I have a different camera that I am not familiar with lol, i hope this shot is considered ok for it-

    Hi JW! You can have a visual tour first, if you like it then come over and see! Thanks for dropping by!

  10. They've introduced double deck trains in my state. However, they haven't assigned one yet to my line. I hope they do so real soon.

    Nice photos. :)

  11. That's neat! I wish the Government here will implement such trains. It'll definitely help the "people congestion" every morning; especially during the peak hours.

  12. They are convenient in many ways talaga Panaderos, Kyels; especially as to avoid traffic and the hassle of owning a car =) Happy weekend!