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going home

13 August 2007

Still from my stock photos. - 1. My son knows the way home so well. 2. View from inside the house of a stay at home mom. Much to do? Yes...


30 September 2005

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  1. I love that first picture!
    Your son is very resolute and seems to know what he wants!

  2. The first picture is so cute :) A cute contrast between the big tree bark and your baby.

  3. Did your son peel all that bark off the tree? And did you get your laundry dried and into the house before it rained that day?

  4. Your little young man looks so resolute! Lovely. You make me remember all the ironing I have to do...

  5. The first picture is so cute! Little man's footsteps.


  6. Very much Sidney...he is a 'stark' boy!

    Murphy, thanks. He likes going behind that tree and it can really hide him well.

    I am not sure what kid of tree that is Chuck but it does peel off on its own. Yes, I did took in the dried clothing otherwise much more work and waste!

    See there Alice, after folding the small clothes, I need to iron the others, clean the window and water the plants...much work for a SAHM =D

    Ay Kyels, that little man got a big foot! lol-

    Thanks all hope you have a great day ahead!

  7. What did you do?? Why is the little man walking out on you? Hehe

  8. He does that a lot Panaderos, he wouldnt just walk...he runs away...lol!

  9. And look at him go! Determined to win the race home.