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2 October 2007

I have no access today to my other photos but my stock photos in Flickr, so please enjoy these photos from last year, I am looking forward to following them again come summer! =D

beehaved cropped

27 August 07

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  1. Superb! Perfect macros... beautiful and full of details!

  2. They are both really beautiful shots. Wonderful colours!

  3. Hi Gizelle. love the 2 pictures of the well as the one on tulips. Really beautiful.

  4. I aleays like this kind of photos.Someday I have to try too.

  5. Beautiful shots! So clear that you were able to capture the small details of that bee. Galing!

  6. Thanks Sidney! I do hope to get more soon.

    Thanks Kris, though they compete with the flowers colors? What do u think?

    Thanks Murphy, today I saw some more tulips, I'll surely take photos of 'em!

    It's fun Maria, seeing creatures this close (and following them too!)

    Thanks Panaderos, I've only seen snails at the moment...bees aren't around yet but I hope I get to zoom in closer =D

    Have a nice day everyone and thanks again!

  7. I would say that they 'compliment' rather than 'compete' with the flowers.

    I've never seen bees look so pretty!

  8. Excellent macro photos of these busy bees! I always enjoy watching bees at work... amazing insects!

  9. Thanks Kris, ok I'd keep that in mind, =)

  10. Have you seen the Bee Movie Chuck? =D Twas a fun film...Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

  11. Great macros!
    Thanks for the info on the template. The header is not so bad, but the degraded grey behind the pics is annoying; I wonder why don't they simply have a background for the body and another for the sidebar... That's too much confusion! Thanks again; I'll have till the weekend before reconsidering the issue... ;))
    Have a great week!

  12. No problem, your stock is great! Wonderful macros! I wish you a good Monday, without kleenex...

  13. How absolutely beautiful! Thank you for this lovely gift. Busy bees, such cute little things... :)

  14. golden bee on yellow flowers. nice timing and lucky combination makes this shot a really good one.

    the second one shows detail on its hairy body. good shot.

  15. Wonderful macros! Did you use a macro lens for the photos?


    Anyway, I like the colors. They complement each other.

  16. Thanks Alice, it seems this runny nose will go on for

    Thanks Fenix! surely a wonder!

    Hi Dong, the kids and I follow them around religiously in summertime.

    Kyels, I only use the macro mode for both, I am too lazy to put the macro lens lol!