Orange Tulips

by - 8.4.08


8 April 2008

It seems I am going to use my old camera as I don't have a problem with its color retention and tolerance with noon heat unlike the new one.

I found orange tulips today, others were also peeking out of their buds and I'll try to see them tomorrow. Sorry for not yet responding to your comments...I will as soon as I get better from the pollen situation.

Thank you all for always dropping by and leaving kind comments, be assured they are truly appreciated.


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  1. blooming tulips. looks like the flowers are really giving a pose for this shot.

  2. lovely. I always love tulips.

  3. That nasty allergy is giving you a hard time, poor you, but look a the fantastic shots you managed to capture, nonetheless. :)

  4. It was actually windy Dong, I had to hold the stem so i get at least one ok shot...

    Thanks Nelle, me too, especially the striped ones.

    Thanks Fenix, I got hubby to take off work today, I hope I get better today....

  5. I love the color of those tulips! Very sharp!

  6. I have eye problem Panaderos, I think its too harsh =D or?

  7. Lovely! Tulips always make me smile -:)

  8. These are really beautiful :)

    Hope you are feeling better already, Giselle :)Take care

  9. Beautiful tulips! One of my close friends like tulips too; her favorite but it's really pricey here.


  10. Especially which color Chuck? I like purple and the orange-white ones!

    Thanks Murphy, I feel better but the weather change from cold in the morning (5degrees) to warm noon/afternoon(18degrees) is uncomfortable! Thanks again.

    Same here Kyels, the city gardens plant tulips in certain areas and that's how I get to photograph them, for free!

  11. Love your tulips photo !

    Didn't get the chance to see Orange colour tulips when I travel to other countries for holidays !


  12. hallo jinghui! Thanks! I'd get more photos of the other colors soon! =)