I Spy Sunday - Police

by - 28.9.08


Today, 28 of September marks the Elections to the Austrian National Assembly...On campaign poster is Die Grüne's Party leader, Alexander Van der Bellen (photo taken from the bus with phone camera). During the duration of this month long campaign, I have been thinking who he resembles as he does remind me of someone famous...until it hit me, it is former NBA Chicago Bulls coach and current LA Lakers coach Phil Jackson. =D Only with darker and more hair...

Anyway, since its election day, I spied on the police who were deployed around the city(phone camera from the train)...I have no idea yet who won, but around 6pm today, the SPÖ party has the biggest percentage of votes...


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  1. He does look like Phil Jackson. I wonder if he is as tall as Mr. Jackson?

  2. You are right he does look like Phil Jackson.

  3. I noted the election results in the paper this morning, I was interested (and slightly disturbed) to see the surge in support for the Freedom Party and the Alliance for the Future of Austria. The People's Party must have had a poor campaign.

    I also wonder what effect the decision to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote had. I'm not so sure about that one myself!

    [And yes, I can see the resemblance to Phil Jackson as well!]

  4. he sure looks like phil and also close to steven spielberg.

  5. Dagul, are you ok?

    Dong, yeah he does too, di ko naisip....

  6. I heard in the news that you had elections. How do Austrians deal with that? Are they noisy like Greeks (speaches in front of people, marches through the streets, poster of the parliamentary candidate even on the cars,...)?