Theme Day - Twin Cities

by - 1.9.08


(Photo courtesy of Ubierno)

Vienna's Leopoldstadt (2nd district) has a sister city, which is Brooklyn. I borrowed the top photo from Ubierno (thank you!), who has lots more beautiful photo of the bridge but I chose this one as it resemble Vienna's buildings at sunset.

Vienna also has 2 Twin cities, Budapest, Hungary and Warsaw, Poland. Below is a photo of a refurbished spa in Budapest (yes, it is a spa) which closely resembles this blog's header, with the architecture and even blue sky that is!


Its not a wonder since Austria and Hungary was a dual-monarchic union during the Austro-Hungarian empire. Follow Budapest daily Review by Agrajag, Budapest daily photo by Zannie and Zsolt, and Daily Budapest photo by Isadora.
I unfortunately do not have a photo of Warsaw since our fellow daily blogger was down the past days. In any case please visit Kaktus' Warsaw daily photo.
Today is City Daily Photos' theme day, please Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

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  1. deux superbes villes comme sœurs jumelles. très bon choix des photos.
    Je découvre grâce a toi la galerie d'Ubierno, j'adore.

    two superb cities as twin sisters. very good choice of photographs. I discover the gallery of Ubierno, I love.

  2. you had some good fellow bloggers to swap photos with.

  3. Hi Giselle,
    Nice of you to visit and comment. I think I would have skipped the theme day if I didn't have personal theme material that was appropriate. Fortunately, I spent an evening in Perugia last spring, though did not make many photos as I was only passing through. Of course I thought I'd get back in a few days, but never did. Perhaps next year. Hope you're well. Ciao!

  4. I think the idea of posting the sister cities is a good one. You can really see the difference in time and culture in the two pictures.

    Thanks a lot for stopping at my blog and commenting.

  5. These are beautiful photos of your Sisters. I've never seen such a glamorous picture of Brooklyn before. 8^)

  6. What a fabulous place for a sister city. You decision on the image was a good one.

  7. "Louis" didn't register for this meme, but he's had fun seeing what those of you who did have posted.

    Re your comment at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo, "Louis" et Mme la Vache are blessed with a fabulous view from their balcony. It's quite an amazing panorama.

  8. Interesting! I'm fascinated w/European countries b/c of the architectures and environment. It's totally different from Asia for sure.


  9. Hi Mirage..that's a nice photo of Brooklyn.

    I never knew there are so many sister cities for Vienna, so even out of Austria. Thanks for sharing.

  10. FAntastic two shots for this theme. I visited your other blogs and I welcome you to visit mine... good week

  11. nice shot. i like the first one. i might actually include it on my favorite night shots feature when i go back to nightscape.