144 - Rettung

by - 23.9.08


23 Sept 08

Vienna has a modern ambulance service/rescue mission system that I had experienced first hand. First was when I gave birth to my youngest, it was the red cross ambulance that came, I was attended by a younger crew who were finishing their Civil Service requirements. Then the next time I dialled 144 was 10 days ago.

There is a wide distribution of the ambulance stations in each of Vienna's 23 districts. There are 12 stations of the Viennese Rescue and 7 more of the Red Cross, Arbeiter Samariter Bund and Johanniter Unfall Hilfe. The stations are in such a way distributed over the city that the vehicles usually reach the place of work within twelve minutes after the alert.

Apart from the very prompt response, hats off to the very friendly attendants who would give a joke or two to put the patients at ease.


(Parked at McDonald's, the crew needs to replenish energy...)

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  1. ROFL!! I love the compostion of the shot with McDs in the background! How appropriate! When you are finished with your greasy meal and have a heart attack, the ambulance is right there! :D

  2. What a great job making the emergency services, no doubt. How lucky you are in Vienna that you have that great depliegue ambulance. In Murcia, at least take 20 minutes to arrive.

  3. Hey! I hope what happened 10 days ago wasn't too serious! Take care!

  4. I hope your youngest son feels a lot better now. Take care.

  5. Kyels, literally its rescue but here its ambulance...=)