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12 Feb 08

Some months ago, I featured the Parliament building of Austria.Yesterday, who is going to seat there has been decided.

The parties were able to achieve the following votes, determining how many seats they would take at the parliament:

SPÖ - 29,7 %
ÖVP -25,6 %
FPÖ - 18 %
BZÖ - 11%
die Grünen 9,8 %


Kris, It could be crime related...those that involve foreigners...

Marina, as mentioned here, the candidates pay for ad placements no posters can be seen on the walls, I am not aware of their campaign outside but they do have debates on noises or anything.

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  1. This is the most beautiful parliment building I've ever seen.

  2. It sounds like another coalition government for Austria!

    That is a very impressive looking building, I would imagine that it dates back to the old empire.

  3. Kris, the main construction lasted from 1874 to 1883. it was damages during ww2 and has since been restored...

    Luna, it is, sana ganun din yung mga tao sa loob...

    My life in Montreal, there are lots of them lovely building to photograph here...I'd better go one of these days and atke more! ;-)

  4. Wow, that's a really beautiful parliament building! I like its design and architecture.


  5. You must have taken the second pic during office hours. The street is pretty isolated/quiet. Feels like 6 am Sunday or something.

  6. M, it was a tuesday afternoon and a holiday...there was also an ice skating rink when you walk another block and thats where we and the other people went...twas a cold day!

  7. oh pare parehas lang masasabi ko sa mga posts mo I LOVE all the pics!!! :D