Millennium Tower

by - 9.9.08


Millennium Tower, located near the Danube, is the tallest building and 4th tallest structure in Austria at 171 metres (561 feet) after the Donauturm. An antenna mounted on top of the tower brings the architectural height to 202 metres (663 feet) but does not count to its overall height. It was designed by the architects Gustav Peichl, Boris Podrecca and Rudolf Weber. The tower has 51 floors, serves both commercial and residential purposes, and is the focal point of a complex known as "Millennium City". It was completed in 1999 for the coming of the third millennium.

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  1. Beautiful and tricky photography. Perfect! As usual, admirable photos from you.

  2. wow! beautiful. i really like skycrapers.

  3. Wow. The views from up there must be fantastic!

  4. I've always been partial to circular buildings. Lovely!