An early walk

by - 24.9.08


22 Sep 08

The weather has gone down to 8-14° but is still good enough to go out and take photos. =)

Little boy and I went to the 2nd district and had breakfast...Ströck is a bakery founded in 1970 in Vienna in the Donaustadt district.

The hand-made breads, cakes and pastries are produced by the Ströck-Brot Gesellschaft mbH: Most of the products are sold by retailers. Moreover, the network of branches has been constantly growing since 1991 and nowadays there are 59 shops in Vienna. The bakery is open for longer hours, so locals and tourists alike are able to grab some whether in the morning or late night.

They have a variety of bread, strudels, cakes and pastries, though the donut is a little on the hard side...

Meanwhile, at the Stephansdom, a group of students gather to observe the structure of this beautiful architecture. It is a normal scene to see those groups of student and tourists around the city center...I wonder though if this bunch had their breakfast already...=D


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  1. I could just imagine those flaky buttery and delicious pastries coming from that bakery. No pictures? Daming angal eh.

  2. I think they forget hungry.
    It's a beautiful building.

  3. galing ng irregularities ng structure na yan. ery picturesque.

  4. I love pastries. My weakness, really! How lucky you are to have a shop within walking distance!

  5. Hand made breads. Nothing can beat that for sure!