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27 July 08

It's very seldom, if not at all, that I post a photo of myself anywhere in the web, one is because I am always behind the camera...and I'd joke the camera would surely break down if I'm in front!

So for just one time, here's a photo of me (in red) with my friend at the Karlsplatz station.


Those mirrors interestingly has different demographic information about Vienna. This mirror reads: "(Those who) Fell in love in Vienna today: 292416. " I am not sure where they get the statistics though.

Since its Sunday, I went spying too. I spy on my daughter's photo session! lol. I forgot to ask the photographer's name since he is in a bind to finish so many sessions for this shoe casting....

Join us every Sunday!

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  1. This is an interesting meme. "Louis" will think about joining it, but at a future date.

    "Louis" will post the new address when he moves his blogs. He may leave San Francisco Bay Daily Photo at Blogger, but "The Frog Blog of Louis la Vache" and Les Recettes de Louis la Vache are definitely moving from Blogger.

  2. Nice to meet youtoo! We photographers rarely have a portrait, as you say, we're behind our cameras. ;)

  3. Me too, not one to be in front of the camera. Even if I'm not taking pics. I still don't want to be in shot. It's strange to see bloggers. I will stay in hiding, for my own saftey.

  4. Ay, Louis I haven't been promoting ths meme much hope many will join in!

    Dusty lens, I think this is nice for theme day...

    babooshka, I wont stalk you, promise!

  5. Nice shots, especially of your little girl in the studio. :)

  6. wow! at least we get to see you thru the mirror. hehehe...

  7. I like taking shots of myself - sometimes! But like you I prefer to be behind the camera.


  8. LOL I spy too!! ahahhaha kulet!!!

  9. is this still open? ung meme n to?