Sky Watch Friday - Neighbors

by - 4.9.08


9 August 08

Standing from our balcony, one can view building numbers 19,18 and 17 (we are at number 15). Ours have the same colors as theirs.

Above would be floors 10-16...Ours is the last balcony so it is open for everyone above to throw in pieces of bread, cigarette butts and other cigarette residues or empty packs (just like yesterday). Sometimes toys, papers or plastic bottles...fortunately no glasses yet.

In life, you cannot have everything good. I may not be fortunate to have considerate neighbors but its a good thing I have a good view of the sky from the balcony.


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  1. You have photographed some interesting images of the sky here. Some of the clouds look like they are hinting at very cold weather to come.

    I much prefer the images that show the show as the background to real life.

  2. All four SWF posts are wonderful! I especially love the red roofs in the second post and the giant clouds in it, too. This post has so different, yet beautiful skies.

  3. What wonderful shapes in the clouds! "Louis" regrets to read about inconsiderate neighbors. "Louis" et Mme la Vache haven't had that problem on their balcony - YET. It could happen!

  4. The sky looks marvelous!

    Do you think those things land on your balcony because they get accidentally dropped or your neighbours simply as rude as can be?

    We have a new neighbour downstairs who likes to smoke under our bedroom window. :-(

  5. Merisi, the balls and other toys I bet were accidental, but the cigarette filters (?) I'm not sure, I presume they have ashtrays up there. I don't think of them as rude just that maybe if they flick the cigarettes they thought it might land below, but the wind could blow it to our balcony...

    We also have neighbors(couple) who smokes in the gang instead of inside their home,and the girl is pregnant =( Also, there is sometimes the no smoking sign at the elevator, I see it in the morning but is gone in the afternoon with signs of the sticker being ripped off...

  6. Now, if I had a cot, I could just lie down and stare for hours. Beautiful!

  7. I love the angles in these shots and the blue sky jumps off the screen. Terrific!