East Hospital

by - 10.9.08

smz ost aussen

10 June 2008

The Socialmediziniches Zentrum - Ost or Smz Ost (Socialmedical center - East) is one of the bigger hospitals in Vienna. It is located in Langobardenstrasse 122 at the 22nd district, the eastside of Vienna.

I took these photos the last time that my older son was confined because of asthmatic allergy. (ouch!)

The travel from home to the hospital (via bus and tram) takes almost an hour, but the trainline U2 has been under contruction and extended to cover the travel to Smz ost. This is the same line extended to the stadium were the Football championship was held last July.

Anyway, one can always call the ever reliable ambulance services of Vienna than travel by car or public transpo.

smz ost interior

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  1. I don't like hospitals, but the medical system in Austria is a really good one!

  2. Doesn't look the typical hospital that I know of. But the second picture says it's very clean.

    Fancy facade too I think.

  3. wow! it looks more like a mall to me. beautiful.

  4. The first thing that strikes me is how clean it is. Uk ambulances just arent as quick I'm afraid.

  5. i love the way you captured that little hallway arc where the colors with a bit shadow was perfectly photographed. Beautiful as always. ^^