by - 26.5.11

Early morning spells rain, gray and brown I'd say is gloomy. From inside the vehicle I thought of not getting out, wouldn't want to get wet. 

It's like this everyday. Cold mornings, gloomy sky, strong dress appropriately. Better carry a big bag with you coz later the sun comes out from hiding, the sky turns blue, your jacket would be too much then. It's pretty but it spells headache too. 

Happy Skywatch Friday!

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  1. What a gorgeous yellow building.
    Looks like you can sit down there and have a drink.

  2. i love how cheerful that building is with that yellow paint. i heart yellow!

  3. The weather is like that lately here in Manila, now that it's the rainy season.

    Great photos, by the way!

  4. Nice capture on the sky photo. Sun rays (is that what it is called?) always fascinates me. Parang naglalaban ang liwanag at dilim.

    That restaurant is like a piece of little sunshine. Parang it's screaming: I'm yellow and bright and it's a beautiful day! LOL! Something nice to look at in a gloomy weather.

  5. Grr! I know the feeling! Very unpredictable weather. It's really hard to live in a country where there's too many weather changes!

  6. Hindi po ba exciting yung weather changes? Hehehe. Nagtataka lang 'cause I experience only rainy and sunny days. :D Naiinggit nga po ako sa inyo eh..