I Spy Sunday - Honeybee

by - 9.11.08

Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments but Today's Flowers post is below this one =)


6 Nov 08

Still from the same garden from yesterday. I am not sure if these are daisies too but the flowers have layers of petals and were smaller...I'll surely post them next week on TF meme.

Since its November, I was surprised to see this bee still gathering food. Its hind legs surely is full of harvest for the day.

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I got an award from Steven of Cavite Daily Photo. Thanks Steve. Along with receiving this award, one should pass it to 6 KreativBloggers. There are some of my favorite sites that have received the award already so I won't be passing this one to them anymore. I looked down my list and here they are:

My award list:

1. Chuck of Seattle Daily Photo - a pro photographer who has exceptional eye for details

2. Chica of Photo Projectz - a busy mom of 3 who always has time for creativity on the side

3. Thesserie - the rich girl from Holland who takes photos amazingly

4. Ces - a foodie and more, whose shots are always mouth-watering

5. Kylie of My Digital Life - also like Chica and I, a mom of three, she is the best designer/digiscrapper out there

6. Uel of Creative Vision Photography - Events photographer with a twist

Have a nice week everyone!

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  1. Rich? Who? Sana nga totoo!! (baka may maniwala nyan, humingi ng 7/8 cge ka!)

    pautangin mo na kasi ako :(

    Tita G, tenk yu sa award...tats naman ako dun sa 'takes photos badingerzy este amazingly pala :P
    hug kita *ummm*

  2. rich ka naman talga tita T! hehe...hey G! thanks for the thumbs up! will do this asap:)

  3. Haha oo Tita thess, hindi lang ako mag-isa nagsasabi nun!

    Hugs back!

    Ces, basta you have sparetime lang! I told myself I'll do better with food photos...nainspire! ;-)

  4. aww thanks gal! btw I LOVE this design, it's gorgeous. :)

  5. Chica, hubby tampered with this layout, and my other blogs too lol...he said it was so boring so he fixed it =D

  6. Great shot of the caterpillar on the beautiful flowers.

  7. Nice shot! The bees are at my house too.

  8. Gorgeous flower, I love the color. Congrats on your award!!

  9. Awesome capture!

    congrats on your award.


  10. Beautiful flower pictures. I can never seem to get the bees or butterflies really sharp in my pictures.

  11. Lucky bee to find a flower and enough warmth to venture out to forage.

  12. very beautiful moment. lucky timing to have seen a bee approaching the flower.

    congratulations to the awardee!

  13. Gissel, thanks for the Creative Blogger Award. I'll have to give it some thought before I pass it on.

  14. Nice Shot!
    And the bee and flower have beautifl colour.
    Thanks for dropping by my Tokyo blog.

  15. Great!!! Pretty flower and pretty colors!!! Excellent cards! I love your creations!!!!!
    Congratulations!!! Have a nice week!!!!!!!!

  16. Great close up, Gizelle!
    Congratulations on your award!