I Spy Sunday - "Couple"

by - 5.10.08

2 April 05

This photo has been featured here twice already, but not for I Spy, so today I'm posting it again, I spy on the couple at the Danube River.

Below, hubby spied on another couple at a beach in Italy...=D


7 Aug 08

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  1. I love the first photo, it's far more romantic I thought than the second one. From the photo, I felt like they're still in the getting to know you stage, you know the stage where you get the most "kilig" factor.

    Hahaha, it's been ages since I felt the kilig factor.

  2. They say that the Danube is the most romantic river of all!

  3. Yes, It's so romantic. (photo above)

    Mirage, If I were there, I might fall before capture it. (photo below)

  4. Spying for lovers. <3 Cute idea. Love is all over the world. :)