Shoot from the Hip

by - 29.10.08


29 Oct 08

I was able to get outside today, after being sick (autumn always carry some kind of virus lol). I went out with the 2 boys and got some photos to stock ;-)

As we were waiting for the lights to turn green I decided to click the camera that was on top of little boy's stroller. I clicked without looking into the viewfinder (I dont have an lcd to see what I'm shooting). I was thinking too that the people on the other side of the lane would get conscious if I point the cam at them. I was glad the framing turned out well.


Nordic walking in the city...a healthy option!

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  1. Hi Gizelle! I hope you're feeling better! The newer trams look great!
    Now, I bet you won’t discover where Blogtrotter has landed, until you get there to see… ;) Enjoy, comment and have a great week!

  2. LOL on second pic. Baka pambugaw ng aso?

    Anyway, I do that too. Whenever I go out to shoot, I take tons of pic in the hope that someday I could use them for a series or a meme.

    How's your week so far?

  3. I did that with my "racing" photo too! it's satisfying when a photo turned out well without looking at the viewfinder. =) Very interesting shots you got there esp the 2nd one.

  4. Those photos are full of action! Great Shots! By the way mirage, please visit my latest post, I have something for you! Now! jajajaja

    God Bless you and Mabuhay!


  5. good way to get an interesting shot sometimes - and often the "only" way in a case like this.

  6. great snap. perfectly done for a spy cam! hahaha! i have done it a couple of times already but my photos ended up in the chamber of horror posters bin! hahaha!

  7. Gil, thanks! Sorry I havent dropped by, i will now.

    M, thanks, that really is nordic walking stick, I am ok now was able to go out again =D

    Lay, true, one gets surprised with what you get with shooting from the hip.

    Chuck, just in case they happen to see this blog =D

    Steve, ok visit i will...

    Gerald, thanks for visiting, havent been doing my rounds lately but i will.

    jae, lol, lets see maybe there's still something it it hehe.

  8. I've never tried shooting from my hip but indeed the framing turned out well!