Fog and some complaints

by - 13.10.08


Taken today with a phone camera (again) sorry, since hubby always brings the camera and I am too lazy to bring the other one =D

Anyway, fog is abundant early in the morning. All the more should travellers and pedestrian need to be careful when on the road. Especially if the pedestrian traffic lights turn green for only 3 seconds!

True, it has been a perennial problem every morning when bringing daughter to school...I always forget to list down things that needs to be noticed...street and transportation wise. We travel either by bus or tram to daughter's school, though both options have their own drawbacks.

1. Wir haben keine große(riesig) Schritte, dass wir die Straße in 3 Sekunden durchlaufen können.
-Yes, we do not have that big steps that could make us cross the street in 3 seconds...I have been shouted once because I crossed the street when the sign was still red...I did cross since I was watching the green light for the cars blink, naturally when it turns red, I can cross. The problem is, I have my daughter with me, its a bad example...but if I don't go hurriedly, the 3 seconds would be up for crossing. I once read that this will be fixed because it is most difficult for older people to hurry up going from one side of the street to the other...I wonder what happened...

2. Soll die Schultaschen auch sitzen? Should the bags seat too?
-There are kids who put their bag (both at the tram and in the buses) beside them occupying a whole seat. It is annoying to see especially when other kids stay standing up because the seats are full.

3. Aussteigen dann einsteigen. Let those hopping down, go out first before you go in. This is a rule that kindergarten kids are taught of...observed by many, save for a few hard-headed teeners. There are special areas in all public transport vehicle alloted for the handicapped and for strollers. This area is also the spot where schoolkids would stay standing up. So if you have a stroller and needs to hop down the bus, you should tell the kids to let you through...some would be nice enough to get down the bus...but some could be stubborn and would not budge...if the other passengers board also, you're stucked!

4. Lass die neuen wagen oft zu fahren. Let the new trams out often. Without exaggeration, it often happened that I was waiting for the lowered trams for more than a half hour... =( I do not like waiting in the cold too....I could use the older trams too right? Yes, if I am alone, but since I always have a stroller, it would be difficult to take it up!


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  1. You have captured the atmosphere of a damp foggy morning very well - good shot ..

  2. I love Vienna and Linz in the fog! I arrived in Austria in late October 1989 and pictures like this strongly evoke memories of a wonderful country. Thank you!

  3. I absolutely love these shots! They're so romantic...I love fogs.

  4. The brief period I was in Vienna, it was foggy the whole time. It was very romantic.

  5. The brief period I was in Vienna, it was foggy the whole time. It was very romantic.

  6. I'm glad it's fog and not someone burning leaves!

    Sigh… I guess no matter how good the public transportation system is, in the end it all boils down to people — and courtesy.

  7. What nice fog pictures, Gizelle! They are so attractive, I enjoy them very much.
    I think that only 3 seconds for the pedestrian green light is really too brief. In Italy it's the yellow traffic light that goes on 3/4 seconds!

  8. love the foggy pictures. understand your complaints in all ways..........

  9. You captured the atmosphere [foggy day] so perfectly in both pictures. I agree with a commenter that foggy days are romantic.

  10. your camphone must be very good. your shots are very clear despite the fogs.

    anyway... it's all the same here. usually in the afternoon & early morning, fogs' getting worst. especially that our city lies in the coast of lake Ontario. worst for me, i drive every 10:30pm going to work and drive back home at 7am -- these are the times that fogs are mostly wicked!

    have a great week ahead!

  11. Tat fog reminds me of the mists we have here. So etheral around the tree. Beautifully captured, you did so well.