A Clothes' Shop

by - 14.10.08


14 Oct 08 (phone camera)

At the heart of Vienna, there are lots of streets that tourists rarely walk into because all the prominent shops are located in a one way shopping street, Kärtnerstrasse. This shop is located at Himmelpfortgasse, a quite street whose buildings have unassuming exteriors but rents cost 4 figures up ;-)

Sometimes, smaller shops like this have higher price tags than the usual fare of rtws...except of course the branded ones e.g. LV, D&G, Zara. Mango and others.

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  1. So curious and beautiful! Here they never put the manequins outside!

  2. Vienna offers lots of hidden treasures!

  3. Interesting! In Malaysia they never put the mannequins outside the store. Usually they're in the display glass room.


    Vienna is a beautiful place for sure.